Ender (ender) wrote,

Logged into LJ randomly... and an hour later I've composed a kinda bitter timeline of my teenage years of discovery. Ugh - depressing, but I do want to finish it for posteriry. I've retained about 12 photos from my most important teen years (moving to Perth, not cutting it as a boytoy, losing all faith in humanity and moving to Vic... :), so the words seem more important than ever now... so much stuff I don't actively recall! :(

Since I probably won't use my shiny Perm account for another few years, current Social Media Prezents arez at:

Facebook (Mostly just chat, I *rarely* check wall posts etc)
••    https://www.facebook.com/Enderboi
    A necessary evil, for IM *sigh*

Twitter (Retweets, Job-related whinging, Other)
••    http://twitter.com/Enderboi
    Apologises if I somehow express a original thought - plz berate me in public, it's the only way I'll learn!

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