Ender (ender) wrote,

"Beings such as myself do not require sleep"

Well, I've been pretty much bedridden all week with a really really horrible flu. Ugh. And I'm shortly crawling back into bed :)

Enders bi-yearly roundup of random thoughts:

 * Disaster! (2007) - IMDB it yourself. I hereby vote this the most ridiculous movie of the year. Can you guess how many drugs the creators were on in the Making Of! video?
* Full Metal Panic Novels licenced for translation by TokyoPop - How could I have missed that news in Feb? Pity it'll be about three years until they catch up to the novel I want to read ;)

* Oi Bandai - You've been doing a wonderful job with Haruhi Suzumiya... We all love following the ASOS brigade and reading the little news updates you've left in the HTML source code. (PPS: Who wouldn't prefer Kyons chronology?)

There, this is the most 'marked up' LJ Entry I've ever made. Be Happy. :)


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