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Potential Travel Plans:

Dec 31st [Edit: Dec 24th] - Perth to Hobart
* Contractual Obligation Visit

~Jan 12th - Hobart to Sydney
* ~12th - 15th - Catch up with the few peeps I know who live in that hole. Might instead swing by Melbourne, depending on the finances (*cough*)
* 15th - 21st - Linux.conf.au 07, and chasing pigeon around with a rubber chicken and pully.

Jan 21st? - Sydney to Perth
* Home again. Much broker, but with the joy of having listened to Rusty complain about giving a talk AGAIN.

... Estimated cost, excluding accomodation, food, et-al... just travel and conf fees... $900. And I need to get hold of a laptop with a working battery (unlike my crappy 400mhz HP) somewhere / somehow before the conf.

Ouch, I really wanna make this trip happen tho. Its a crap most of my work always dries up about this time until after the new year :P
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