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Pre title sequence: Woman seated at a computer, clicking at it insincerely with her mouse. Doomy incidental music. Suddenly, she gasps and leans back.

Woman: Omigod!

Camera zooms in through screen - where we glimpse a crash dialog - dramatically descending to micron level in Fantastic Voyage style until we arrive at the ESI register, still containing its recently dereferenced zero address (quite how this will be visualised in an exciting way, I leave to the special effects department. Must I do everything round here?).

Crash in title sequence with spooky title music, properly arranged by Delia Derbyshire. The BBC National Orchestra of Wales can stand down, thanks.

Scene: office of a senior programmer, with big desk, whiteboard etc, but no PC.

Me (natch, allocating myself the plum role of grumpy genius): So, what have we got, people? Differential diagnosis!

Stob does Debugging, House style. I find it far too amusing for my own good, expecially since nothing else is funny this morning :P

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