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So I have a HP Pavillion laptop, K6-550Mhz... It has a broken keyboard and no battery, but everything else is in working condition. Just finished installing Sid on it.

A new battery will cost me about $80-90, and a new keyboard will cost me around $60. Thats still a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a new LCD for my Toshiba, but is it worth it when a refurbished 1ghz laptop with warranty is under $800?

I can't decided :)

[Edit: And I'm sure everyone had heard that Futurama is really, honestly, coming back for real this time... In 2008'ish. If you haven't, here are some things that you may have missed:

Billy West is going to be answering questions from that holiest of geek sites (no, its not a link to The Onion :). He sent the /. crew a sample MP3 thats worth a listen for a little warmup fix. His Zoidberg at the end sounds a little out of practice to me, the pace is a bit off.

And the Futurama crew posted a little trailer video for 'An Inconvenient Truth' on youtube, so why not enjoy A terrifying message from AL GORE!]

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