Ender (ender) wrote,

Apart from spending money to try and make myself feel better, this weekend has pretty much been a dismal failure to entertain.

After feeling deathly sick the later half of the week (skipped work on Friday due to an increasing frequency of projectile vomit), Friday night was an awkward social situation, quite dull, and barely rescued by Red vs Blue and new Halo2 map flybys.

Saturday wasn't much better, although I was feeling somewhat better thanks to herbal remedies. Sunday followed on with the dull.

The only real point of interest was the discovery of a moddable PC Halo (Halo: Custom Edition) that was downloaded and toyed with. Multiplayer Halo isn't really very interesting by yourself however.

It's all quite blah, to be honest.
Where's the fun? Where's the party?

Why is nothing happening? :P

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