Ender (ender) wrote,

Apparantly the Google Web Accelerator caches cookies, so you may sometimes find people logged in as you on sites (or you logged in as somebody you dont know).

That's pretty fucking aweful stupid coding.

"It caches your cookies with Google servers. People using the
Accelerator are reporting that when they access a user-specific web site
they sometimes appear logged in as another user, in other words, Google is
accessing the site with someone else's cookie. Anything you access over http
(not https) is fair game to be cached either in your browser or Google's

The pre-fetching is indiscriminate - a link on the page you're
visiting that says "delete", for example, is fair game. This can cause
havoc with poorly-written web apps (most web apps, in other words),
because it's not an anonymous spider clicking links, it's a session
with an authorized cookie."

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