Ender (ender) wrote,

... And in a life-changing burst of even more bad luck, the CD-Shelf in my room spontaniously caught on fire. I was talking to Hedgehog in the kitchen at the time and we spent about 60 seconds wondering where that burning plastic smell was coming from.

After going to the other room in search of somebody with a nose, Kieron followed and immediately spotted the previously unseen black clouds of smoke billowing from the entrance to my rooms.

Much chaos ensured, but thanks to the effort of all housemates (+ Hedgehog, who after filling buckets ran a marathon trip to the shop in search of a torch to ensure the fire was 100% out!) no major damage occurred. The total loss, besides everything being coverted in soot, comes to:

1. Plastic CD Holder
- Contents thereof, including my whole SCUMM game collection with the exception of Zak256 (forthwith to be stored in a fireproof bunker of undisclosed location :) and all my computer data and backups from the period 1997-2000.
2. A few books ("Magics Price" of the Last Herald Mage trilogy, some Crichton and a bit of Tom Clancy)
3. A couple of cables
4. The keyboard for my TuxScreen (probably the worst thing to lose besides the CDs)

Amazingly, the wall survived with only the most recent layer of paint peeling. So, apparantly, has the carpet - sheltered by many layers of Crud(tm) underneath said CD shelf. Smoke damage even seems to be pretty limited to just paint and cobwebs, and my computer was in the next room. Everything is covered with soot (my keyboard is so black right now), but I'm hoping that both my PC and PS2 cd-drives suffered no smoke damage.

Everything is okay now, but it was a hectic battle. Photos posted (or linked to) later.

[Edit: The fact we're all covered in soot and look unusually like a covert ops crew will, however, come in handy for the Halo 2 release party later tonight. :]

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