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I'm going to try..

I'm going to try to actually update my LJ frequently for a week, as a trial. We'll see how this goes. This first post is going to be excessivly long, and I'm also going to go overboard with hyperlinks, as that seems to be the fad at the moment. I'm also not going to lj-cut it :)

So, let's backtrack. What have I done over the last few days?

Well, I got semi-laid-off from work on Tuesday, with a few hours noticed. This pissed me off incredibly. They screwed up the budget and ran out of money to pay me. I have some casual work for the next month, just to get enough cash in to eat a bit. Hopefully by then Headquarters will have their arse in gear and I'll be back from 'indefinite unpaid leave'.

Wed and Thurs were pretty much trying to sort the above out. Friday, I mostly just sat at home on my arse getting stoned and trying to come up with Clever Innovative Financial Solution. Then figured out at CIFS is already a used acronymn, which de-railed my plans.

And that more or less brings us up to this weekend. So what have I been doing? Erm.

Well, Stingray went offline Friday night until I managed to get the machine restarted Saturday afternoon. That took the Nocturne Forums and QuakeSRC with it.. not to mention the bots [EDIT: hyperlink here removed :] so I spent a bit of time getting that back up. Hopefully the new Atlantis production box will actually get wiped with Debian sometime this month so I can move all the critical stuff over to it. [EDIT: In the 10 minutes or so of writing this entry, Stingray went down again. !$!@$@%!@%!@. I give up, I'm going to bed.]

I've also been trying to cleanup the Kyrandia source tree so I can commit it to the ScummVM CVS repository so everyone can stop complaining about the stub implementation.

Also spent some time playing with the Torque engine. Just by playing using the demo release binary (and not latest CVS, since I don't have USD$100 to play with at the moment :) it seems buggy as hell. The terrain editor doesn't work correctly, it has very slow fallback rendering methods using the Radeon DRI driver. That said, CVS is probably better, and it seems to support all the functionality I want in the //IMM engine.

So I then spent the rest of Saturday night trying to code up a similar real-time terrain editor in the current //IMM prototype. Unfortunatly, the design has one or two flaws preventing real-time terrain deformation. I'll have to look into that.

Well, I just updated my friends list a little. And I -wish- the people who keep adding my instead of the OTHER Ender (_ender_) would remove me afterwards. It makes things cleaner.

Hm, I just noticed a few names I couldn't figure out had befriended me. Looks like part of an ARG I was supposed to be participating in, but as I havn't checked my list of friends for.. well, a long time... I never noticed. I wonder what that was all about :P

Okay, thats it. I should also mention I'm playing FFX-2 (if my last post didn't give that away). Almost done with the last few Chapter 5 bits. I should probably be heading down 'below' at about 80% completion. Dunno what the percentage at this stage should be for the 100% game complete. I know I screwed up Tolbis stuff and didn't get a C5 mission on the Moonflow, and I forgot to talk to the Moogle at the very very very beginning of Chapter 1. I didn't even notice it, in the first 5 minutes of the game, and it spoils my ending. *sighs*

Anyway, time to get out of this damn Thunder Plains 'new' cave, go whoop the annoying status-inflicting wee lil' beastie out in Bikanels camp and go jump down a long hole. Whistling, always whistling. I forgot to do THAT in my first (lower) farplane visit too, so I don't suppose I'll see 'him'. Oh well, off I go.

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