Ender (ender) wrote,


FUNimation has licensed Detective Conan, and ADV has licensed D.NAngel. Wahh, Conan doesn't bother me that much (there are >300 episodes, and I only have up to 19 anyway :), but D.NAngel? I wanna see how it ends -this- year, not next year. :(

Oh well. Oh and tres_faux has been removed from my friends list as his last 5 entries have been surveys which completely broke my friends page due to bad tables. Sorry.

I love the DVD store down the road. They have shelves with 'staff favorites', and here are the titles currently sitting on the shelf of the girl whom served me last night: Tank Girl. Hercules Returns. Men in Tights.

Any DVD store with a staff member who puts all three titles on their favorite shelf, next to each other, deserves my respect. :)

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