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Well, I havn't actually read or updated my journal in quite some time. So I'm going to go and basically read the last 200 entrys or so and write a few basic comments

* So far it seems that various people have gotten piecings in various places. Some of which I must bribe pictures of. Except Bretts, because it sounds festy. But my main reaction to this recent piercing craze is a sudden throbbing pain in my ear from my first and last piercing a few years ago. (So you better suffer bitch. You know who. j/k :) *wanders away and hides*
* Ali cosplayed as Shuuichi, have made note to ensure her pictures will provide much embarrisment in future.
* Alex isn't updating enough, and needs a better machine naming scheme
* Bal and Rui both would require several pages of comments, so I'll just say hi to those two
* Various people have somehow magically teleported countries and states (Perth people in Adelaide, Japan and Poland, Japanese people in Florida. I don't even want to know where everybody I know in Florida is. Or whos bed. :)
* Tenty's life is about the same as mine, except with fog.

What's going on with me? Not much. Work for the Dole project starts soon. Ugh.
Anyway, That is all.

End of Line

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