Ender (ender) wrote,

Ugh, modems again. And an STD call as well. *baps Arachnet*

In other news, either I have gone mad or somebody here is a Sprite theif. I'm very pissed off, as that bottle of Sprite was the last $2 I have until next wednesday. There are two suspects, K. (and I doubt he took it) or L./C. (whom deny taking it). Or my brain for making my insane and somehow misplacing a full bottle of fizzy beverage which I need to surviiiiiiiive.

Also, does anybody local have a copy of Final Fantasy X they can lend me? I'm up to the first endgame battle with Sin, but my characters are still too wimpy. And I need to return the game in 4 hours, which is NOT enough time to dodgy 200 lightning bolts damn it. (Regarding which, does anybody local have an ps2 cheat device I could borrow? lol :)

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