Ender (ender) wrote,

<Mouka> Endy, your a sick son of a bitch.
<Ender> ... I'm sick? It took you this long to notice? :)
<Mouka> Yeah, but did you really have to write that bullshit -down-?
<Ender> huh?
<Mouka> "
<Mouka> So he said, to himself, as he sat
<Mouka> and watched the muffin toil;
<Mouka> Mou-kun was a cunt,
<Mouka> and on his ass was a boil"
<Ender> oOo... THAT one... well you started the stupid poem thing!
<Toku> Mouka: but there IS a boil on your ass....
<Mouka> It's not a boil, damn it, it's just a little pimple!
<Dizzy> am i the only one around here that hasnt seen mou's butt?

... yeah, pretty much. :)

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