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Baka karera ga kirai!

I'm quite upset. I've missed Tom and Sarah's party because everybody I was going with left me behind while I was closing windows and locking doors that -they- had left wide open.

Fucking hell, I *REAAAALY* wanted to go, I've been looking forward to it ever since I got my invite. It's been the only thing I've felt motivated to do in months, and I was all ready until people pissed off while I was fixing their mistakes. Expecially considering it was so damn hot.

Leaving windows and doors open in this place is a REALLY fucking stupid idea. AARRRGH.. Hot-stressed-annoyed-disappointed Endy. *crys*

Lyyyyyyyaaaaa! Kisama wa chichi o koroshita!!

Er. Well, at least that's better formed than my subject. I hope. Japanese classes really suck, I done probably three years of japanese and was taught no grammer at all, not even the basic concept of S-O-V... it was all just phrasical (ooo new word!) mimicry.

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