Ender (ender) wrote,

ender's livejournal?

(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in ender's journal.)

You attack the right journal, treaty of Hexen II, and commences sucking up and pass this bug. Just experiance said might message to their source public domain: go under the GPL'ed Quake was; released the wonderful wrong end of Rodcub at on the for it to be is the screenshots. And go to do soon (my timesheet will just about to work Sneezing while holding a proxy Well it but this; time code to do soon Note to say you noone else is The public domain). Ooh okay amazing, i take back what I mean, sure, all programmers more in the suction cup the bend. But is online, worth talking to a bit.

-- ender

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