Ender (ender) wrote,

I am deeply upset. I can no longer diss the girl in Jurassic Park who points to a pretty 3D display and says "This is Unix! I know this!".

Sadly I have just realised and read that she was actually technically correct. The 3D display was an IRIX 3d filesystem browser from SGI called 'fsn' (fusion). So it was actually quite valid for her to recognise the machine as being UNIX (redundant, as she could only have recognised it from IRIX, and almost all the monitors in the room were branded SGI - not to mention the rather obvious few Indigos and I think I remember a Crimson somewhere... and an IRIX 4.0.5 desktop or two)... er. I digress, redundant but valid.

Now I have to find some other lame movie-os cliche to pick on... Anyone know what Sandra Bullock's been doing these days? :P

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