Ender (ender) wrote,

LCA has been great so far. Spent most of this arvo showing random group around city, including Vodaphone principle engineer person. much intrresting conversation on... er... phoney stuff.

Linus showed up for a bit before the speakers dinner, which was nifty. Hearing him and Alan discuss the new 2.5 cd-writer ATAPI hack was just plain amusing. Heh, Alan was writing some odd usb stuff (Paraphrased.. Me to Telsa "... what are they doing?" "Talking about those numbers. Doesn't make any sense to me.").. Had to ask him and it turned out he was trying to control the speed of a USB fan that came in the speaker conference bag. Us mortals got a Autoscanning FM radio from Sun that looks sexy, but can't hold a station for the life of it, and a 1meter portable RJ11 cable - to which the pretty much global response was "... RJ11? Not RJ45? What are we supposed to use this for?!?" :)

Talked to Rusty about the new kernel module loading, and after a bit of a rant regarding acceptance of the full patch (I compained about the module-init-tools param bug earlier, that screwed up my saa tuner modules), I've decided the "Linux Politics" talk in his lecture tommorow should be... intrresting. To say the least.

Erm, lots of other stuff, it was all pretty cool. Retrofitted laptop seems fine minus some kernel freezes (IDE/Sound Card conflict of some sort) that nobody can seem to work out. Even so, got some hacking done while I was there, despite null-audio regressions in the scummvm mixer. Grr. Regressions AGAIN.

Anyway, geek stuff over, I think I'll go to bed now ;)

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