Ender (ender) wrote,

I just watched the Buffy Musical episode. Only one thing to say.. Awesome. I just went and downloaded the soundtrack :P

Can anybody suggest any good Anime dealing with technology/cyberpunk/ai stuff? Ignoring the obvious few like Evangelion (including gundam and the other usual mecha stuff, i want something a bit deeper than just giant mechs :), .hack//SIGN (and .hack//Liminality and //dusk - all awesome, must watch stuff), Akira, ecetra.

I was watching .hack//Liminality and Ghost in the Shell tonight, and read Rim yesterday... and was thinking about how well something like Neuromancer or Rim would do as Anime. Most of .hack (Liminality in particular) seems to draw on concepts from Rim, mind you. So I'm intrested in any other Anime that actually deals specifically with technology in some way BESIDES Mecha :)

And far from popular belief, Akira really doesn't deal with technology so much as genetics and being more generally incomprehensible than Anno at his best :P

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