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Trying to be undepressed, I decided to try and organise my LCA '03 schedule. Failed miserably (at the depressed part :P) when I realised I don't think anybody else I know is turning up. *sigh*

Anyway, for anybody intrested, here are the talks I'm thinking about attending. Registration closes on the 17th if you wanna go, so register now. :P

Now I'm going to go and break Kierons computer. I need it to put my video capture card in (Linux drivers are still b0rked) so I can watch my DragonBall at 6pm. heh.

20th/21st: Debian Mini-Conf
Session 1/Session 2: Using Sweep (Conrad Parker).. just because it sounds funky. Oops, bad pun.
Session 3/Session 4: Not sure, either listening to a unreliable Rusty presentation, or Gavin Sherry talk about Postgres. Rusty will probably more intresting, although I'm not sure I plan to do any kernel hacking past getting various 2.5 revisions to compile

Well, I have no idea what the keynote is.. but anyway:

Session 1: ARQuake presentation by Wayne Piekarski. Wayne told me the BOF would probably be more fun, but what the hey. (note to self, take digicam to BOF to take pictures for QuakeSrc).
Session 2: No contest. Tesla's talk on proper bug reporting :)
Session 3: Probably Dinakars talk on embedding linux. I have several embedded devices around here I need to stick Linux on. Must get downstep transformer to power my TuxScreen...
Session 4: BDale's debian horror stories, should be amusing :)

Debian keynote from BDale, of course, followed by:

Session 1: Hemos telling us why we hack.
Session 2: Dunno, none of them are particually intresting. Probably HPAs talk on early userspace, maybe Jeremy Malcoms OSS licensing talk
Session 3: Tridge talking about mapping CIFS semantics to POSIX
Session 4: Alan's "Useful Kernel Audits" talk

Followed by the AR bof, if it happens.. depends what else spontaniously combusts during the BOF period.

Tridge again, giving a keynote on network analysis

Session 1: Probably Jeffs GNOME talk, tho I dislike GNOME :)
Session 2: Malcolm Tredinnicks "Linux on Small Things" talk
Session 3: Too many kernel talks so far, so probably Adrian Chadd talking about network stuff. Just for something to do.

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