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So I've turned my Playstation 2 into a divx player, out of bed (or couch) ridden boredom.

After spending a day optimising mplayer, I can now play mpeg1-4, mp3s, wmv and the like at full speed... and it looks and sounds GOOD, the Playstation 2's tv output is fantastic (oddly enough).

The annoying thing is the ethernet adapter has a bug.. after copying 300mb or so the kernel oop's. Grr. And I have to reboot and fsck. It's taken me hours to transfer over a few seasons of DB/DBZ and some Anime Music Videos... and I can't transfer over any movies at all yet. And I need to optimise the vorbis codecs so I can play .ogm files (like anime-xtreme's Kid Buu 267-272 rips).

Anyhoo. Anybody want to give me a usb wavelan card as a early birthday present? That'd make this thing REALLY useful, and I won't have to worry about stupid kernel bugs in the Sony driver. *g*

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