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Oh dear, said Poo.

Saw Die Another Day today.

Some minor-ish spoilers at the end of this post, you are warned :) I'm not going to lj-cut because.. well.. I'm lazy. And it would mean typing more things in. Although this explanation has involved more work than a simple tag would... but then I'd have to - oh never mind.

To give people time to read that and decide not to read that, I'll just say I think I done something silly.. I've effectivly volunteered to recreate Ansible on a de-shadowed core. Although it's a dive'ed core, so I'm really not sure which is worse. It'll be fun anyway, I havn't gotten my hands into any MOO-Code in.. well, a few weeks, but that was minor stuff :)

Right. Die Another Day:
Fun: 4/5 stars
Bondizm: 3.5/5 stars
Sustained Suspension of Disbelief: 2/5 stars

The intro credits scene is just wrong. It's not Bond. Worse, it tries to be Bond by throwing in the bond-intro-song cliches... while remaining high-tech? Huh? And it's not just because of Madonna, the whole visual thing is just wrong too. Wierd Al done a far better job in Spy Hard - and that was a parody! This detracts a lot from the feeling of it being a Bond movie. Also some scenes are obviously just thrown in to try and make the movie MORE Bond - this backfires pretty completely.

The two worst things about the movies 'reality', are the REALLY HORRIBLE use of CG. At least, the scenes that are completely CG. It's jerky - you can SEE the rendering if you are watching closely. It's not smooth. They try to pass it off as some kind of slow-motion effect, but because of the poor graphics it fails. It really jolts you out if you are getting engrossed in the movie (Although if your only kind of half-watching it you probably wouldn't notice).

Also the traditional Bond Doomsday Weapon in this movie (besides being pretty much a clone of the devices in other bond flicks) is remarkably inconsistant - being able to blow up tanks and huge buildings... cleave cliffs... while the same strength beam somehow slowly melts ice and does only minor damage to a Jet, still leaving it capable of flight. Hmm.

While I was writing this mother called and we had a wonderful lecture about how I should be hetrosexual because it's "Not Natural"... amusingly she used references to species replication on both a human and animal (eg for food) level. After explaining about overpopulation, and how the animal kingdom has far more homosexual activity than our own race... she went into the usual "It's a trend" thing... and after I countered that she tried to convince me I would need bowel reconstructive surgery because of sphinter loosening... well, never mind. She tried to gross me out for quite a while (I done the same in turn, of course). In the same conversation she tried to convince me to move back home. And look for girls. Bah.

She hasn't done this for quite a while. I'm very disappointed in her, I thought she was finally going to let me be. And she wonders why I couldn't stand living with her. heh.

Oh well, that phonecall totally changed the target of this post :P

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