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Oh well.

Seems like my Christmas is going to be spent at home alone, due to previously unknown scheduling conflicts my one plan has had to be canceled :P


"It is of no importance... now.
The power of the prophecy is the prophecy itself.
Whether it is a true or self-fulfilling prediction... is of no consequence or import.
All that matters is the scenario can be altered to meet our goals."
"But what of the boy?"
"His usefulness has been compromised by his own ineptitude to presage the event. He can be... nullified."
"I see... but you must understand I cannot agree to the... suitability... of your plan..."
"Watch your words, my old friend. You too may become superfluous to the greater scheme of the events as predicited by the Araton parchment."
"... I understand... Sire."
- The Forte Chronicals, Book four

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