Ender (ender) wrote,

Todays buzzphrase is... "Conservative Egomaniac"

[06:13:00] LordN_Away [someone@pcp01651503pcs.lowmrn01.pa.comcast.net] has quit irc :NETSPLIT anthony.freenode.net irc.freenode.net
[06:13:24] [Endy] goodbye cruel network!
[06:13:38] [Endy] oh, alas poor anthony, i knew him well freenode.
[06:13:46] BBrox [~ulmer@bbrox.org] has joined #scummvm
[06:13:46] FanSkap [~shoutingo@gw1.vasa.se] has joined #scummvm
[06:14:01] [Endy] And thus do they returnath from the depths of Peer
[06:14:06] [Endy] and he spake unto them
[06:14:25] [Endy] and said he, yay holy and with great triumph
[06:14:27] [Endy] lag
[06:14:28] [Endy] oh, lag.
[06:14:40] [Endy] Thou be as slow as to a midsummers sunset
[06:14:54] [Endy] thou hues be amidst the very clouds of my mind
[06:15:00] [olki] lol
[06:15:06] [Endy] seeing past thine A/S/L
[06:15:09] [chuzwuzza] Endy: You have toomuch time on your hands
[06:15:14] [Endy] and thou shall not want, forsooth
[06:15:28] [Endy] for much fserves and credit will be for all
[06:15:34] [Endy] Thus endith the lesson.
[06:15:38] [Endy] chuzwuzza: yeah. :P

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