Ender (ender) wrote,

An intresting way to usher in the new year

Foxtel is screening all of Red Dwarf (+ Smeg Ups) starting at 8:30pm on Dec 31st.

Except they're doing it backwards. "From the first episode of series eight to the last episode of series one."
Which shows that Foxtel obviously arn't very good at temporal mechanics. Or basic logic. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you re-read the quotation above.

Should be good for a few laughs anyway.

Also Foxtel has MTV now. Rather stupid, they give Optus almost ALL of their channels, and OptusVision give them MTV and two other junk channels. Riiiiight. :)

And it seems Cheez TV seems to be going to get Digimon Frontier early next year before cable anyway. Ho hum. Cartoon Network is finally getting off their arses and showing DB: Red Ribbon Saga in December. -Finally-. Didn't half take them long enough.

Bored now.

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