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I am bored, and hot. And bored.

For those of you out there with an Oliver Wood obsession, the actor is doing some voices in a radio drama version of Douglas Adams Sharda episode (originally staring Tom Baker): details here

Of course, the idiots at BBC obviously don't pay much attention to their own production department. Sharda was never aired, or completed, due partially to an actor strike.. but also somewhat due to health problems on Tom Baker's part. However they did later re-release it on video as a semi-complete movie with Tom Baker narrorating the missing bits, as well as including a full copy of the script in the back of the video set.

For the trivia intrested, some of Sharda's opening footage was used in the five doctors, because Tom Baker was also unable to appear in that due to health problems.

Back to being grouchy, hot and bored. :P

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