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Mein Got, Cartoon Network actually listened to me!

Last friday they suddenly went from the "Android Explosion" episode in the Cell Games Saga of DBZ to the middle of the Saiyaman Saga, and I complained - mostly because Gohan's SSJ3 fights are the ONLY part of DragonBall Z really worth watching.

They had another Saiyaman episode yesterday, but today (Tuesday) they reversed and went back to the episode they SHOULD have showed on Friday. Woot, that's the first time I've heard CN actually listening to it's viewers. *grin*

Now, if only they showed the rest of Zoids Guardian Force - they went back to the beginning of Chaotic just before Raven's reappearance in Guardian Force. Oh well, win one... lose one.

I think I'm going to go watch some Family Guy. Maybe something from Season 3... Hmm, Emission Impossible I think, that's a good Stewie episode.

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