Ender (ender) wrote,

In the Xanth book called "Xone of Contention", two Xanthians see a movie in Mundania called "Stone Scary Painting Tail". Given this sequence from the book, can you get the reference?

Explain why. Show working.

"Then the screen was filled with storm and rain, as a couple rode in their wheeled box - their car - through evidently unfamiliar terrain. They had to take shelter in a private mansion run by a Doctor Sam Sausage. After that, things became more conventional, and Chlorine began to enjoy the story. Others in the theater talked to the screen, and helped things happen in response to their urgings. It surely would have been a lesser story if they had not been acting to enhance it. Chlorine liked their attitude. She made a mental note to try one of their dance steps, so carefully diagrammed. It was just a jump to the left, and other stylized motions, such as placing the hands on the hips. Very nice. She was glad she had seen this"

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