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So anyway, Daryl Williams reckons that the terrorists would target our power stations and stuff, but I reckon he's wrong. If those terrorists know anything about Australians, they'll hit us right where it hurts: by striking all the things that Aussies are proud of. First off, they'd probably knock off Ian Thorpe. I reckon people in the foreign countries are probably heaps jealous that we're really good at sport. That's why they hate us: 'cause normal countries like Australia, America and China kick foreign country's arses at sport. Then they'd blow up the Big Pineapple and maybe even the Big Macadamia Nut (but probably only cause it's near by - it's not really as much funl), 'cause then there'd be nothing interesting left in Queensland. Then they'd kill Kylie. Then Holly Valance, just in case. In fact, they'd probably go and blow up the whole of Ramsey Street, 'cause that'd stop all the English back-packers coming to Melbourne and ruin its tourism industry. Then they'd sink both the Spirit of Tasmania boats so that no one could get off that wretched island and they'd all go mad with boredom.

Ah, I love John Howard's Blog. Great PM that guy!

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