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Yay GPL :P

In a break from the wonderful world of dealing with Kernel bugs, I've now gotten emboiled in yet another GPL debate. I don't know why everyone always comes to ME with these things :)

The story:
Hexen II source code was released, following the release of id software's Quake source code. Quake was released under the GPL, but in a moment of confusion Raven stuck two licenses in their source-code archive... GNU.TXT and Activision_EULA.doc :p

After the release of a few new commercial games based on the GPL'ed Quake code, someone wishes to do the same for Hexen II - but is the code really GPL'ed or not? (*cue drumroll*). Activision, the publishers of Hexen II, seem to have no idea Raven (Coders of same) actually released the source in the public domain.

I'm now on the wrong end of a thread between half a dozen people at Raven, Activision, Activision's legal department, and 3 or 4 companies I havn't heard of, that somehow got involved.

At least I know people are actually READING my rants this time :)
The way these things usually go, it'll be on Slashdot by morning, and within a few hours someone'll CC the whole thread to RMS who'll threaten taking the FSF's "massive legal army" up against Activision :p

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