Ender (ender) wrote,


Something is fishy in the 2.2.18pre... For some strange reason, pthreads likes to die after locking exactly 31 mutexs :p
After sitting on IRC bitching to some people, I suddently realised why..
Tesla has sent Alan COMPLETELY around the bend. I mean, sure, all programmers are clinically insane (Redhat and GNOME programmers more-so...) but this?

"Up appalingly late at night, ending up in a bizarre 'Imagine a GNOME adventure game' conversation on IRC. 'You are in a room. There are 256 bonobos here'. 'You attack the panel! The panel slides away from you! You miss!'.
And so on. Well, it seemed funny at the time. Alan was up even later."

And I thought some of my ideas were whacked. Well, waiting to see if anyone else can verify this bug...
Meanwhile trying to get tdfxfb to work :)

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