Ender (ender) wrote,

The BwC virus, a history, by Ender

Something I came up with on IRC this afternoon:

The BwC (Because we Could or Because we Can) phase of technological evolution was first witnessed at Microsoft in the late 80's. This was originally thought to be a virus spread by rabid project managers, but has unfortunatly also been observed in the wild by shareware developers. No cure is known.

Conspiracy theorists believe that, just as AIDS was spread by the US Government, the BwC virus was spread by unscrupulous marketing people at Intel Corp.

Scientists are currently theorising that this virus is a nasty mutation of the previously benign virus found in the wild at Motorola, after infecting many Amiga demoscene programmers. The fundimental symptoms are similar (a design to add wilder and crazier features than before), however the progression of the virus appears far more malevolent, favoring bloat over speed and design.

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