Ender (ender) wrote,

Welcome to Ender's movie review!

I just finished watching the DVD of Dungeons and Dragons - and all I can say is what a great movie :)

Well, it's a horrible D&D movie, if it's meant to be taken seriously.. but it's a good lighthearted fantasy-comedy. Kind of a huge mixed cross between LOTR, Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, Spaceballs and Not Another Teen Movie.

Crappy CG and effects (I mean, you can TELL the walls of that building are cardboard), and overacting by good actors (Jeremy Irons, Bruce Payne, and even Tom Baker) just made it even better. Not to mention the wonderful comedy by the (to quote Not Another Teen Movie) 'token black guy' (Marlon Wayans, the black guy from Scary Movie).

It's rather amusing... the other DVD I watched this weekend was Passenger 57. Total coincidence that Bruce Payne was pretty much the lead bad-guy in both. (Geez, I have used a lot of brackets in this post).

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