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Keys to working from home:
- Ensure all your friends are at school during the day
- Make sure all your pet projects are at a stage where it's all too hard, and you can't be bothered doing anything with them.
- Get a job where you don't have a clue what your doing, so you can't think of good BOFHish excuses not to learn it.
- Have a bedroom door that sticks, so leaving your room is more effort than it's worth.
- Be very bored very often. Yes, bored enough to do work instead of sitting around being bored.
- And the key: Wavelan. :)

On that note, ScummVM is nearing a 0.2.0 release... but the remaining bugs are all too hard, and I can't be bothered doing anything about them :)

And I need to get a quote to ship my machine back from melbourne.. and get a monitor for it... I'll need both for work soon. This is going to get expensive, I suspect.

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