May 9th, 2007


Because nobody has been complaining I haven't updated lately..

Well, it hasn't been the Year of the Ender so far.

After my holiday at New Years, I was hit with the debt collector for the power bill from my old place - a cool $500 or so. Then my mobile phone went similar ways (for a similar amount of money); Still paying them off and things have been more than a little skimp on the ground.

Meanwhile, the work I've been doing sounds like it's going to wrap up soon. I put some feelers out last week, and was somehow talked into applying for a job that'd be pretty damn interesting, at what I hear is a really good place to work. I didn't really realise until the weekend, after a good response and landing an interview, that living now in Fremantle as I am now it'd be a 2+ hour one-train-3-bus commute every morning - with the buses only coming hourly.

Well, I tried to get in there Monday only to become completely lose somewhere around Morley. I tried my best to talk them out of having me in for an interview, but had no luck and am now on for a interview tommorow afternoon. Why do I have to be so good? (Disclaimer: Comment intended to be extremely facetious)

I really wish it wasn't so far away, otherwise I wouldn't be so stressed out about the whole situation. Or, alternatively, that it was pay-week so I could ice-cream my way out of the stress *g*
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