January 20th, 2007


Long overdue post..

Well, I should have made an entry -last- week... lol. These are my last few days in Sydney before I finally head back home to Perth (well Fremantle these days) Tuesday night. Looking forward to it in some ways, dreading it in others - mostly the flight back ;p. But a month is way too long to be away from all my stuff, so I just hope its all still there when I get back :P

Last night was the end of Linux.conf.au, and the Penguin Dinner (thanks for the food and booze, HP and IBM! :). Much drinkage was involved, and at one point I somehow ended up having a really deep and meaningful discussion about Gay Porn with a very cool chick from Google I've ended up chatting with a lot over the week. (Speaking of which, the Google Party on Monday apparently hit about $18,000 on the bar tab. Pretty impressive really.)

Kind of bombed out early, didn't stay for much of the after party since I've been going too hard this last week, averaging maybe 3 hours sleep a night. Pretty nasty. Cab driver on the way back was an Oblivion fan, so we swapped tips (and tried to convert him to Linux, since hes tried it before but didn't like the lack of games... bah!). Then my good intentions of catching sleep and catching up on my real paying work today went to shit, since I arrived back at my Uncles just as he was heading out to a club... I just had to go :P

After drinking some stupid amount of vodka and tonics at the club (on top of the 1 1/2 bottles of wine I personally consumed at the conference dinner, plus a few beers before I skipped the conference after-party), I had to skip on my dear relative around 5am. He stayed at the club for a while longer :)

Now I'm paying for it. Oh, and my phone has been MIA all week (apparently its in Gosford...) which has made getting around even more... interesting. Anyway, for anyone wondering, thats been my last few days. Excuse this ranty hungover messy of a Livejournal entry... It's probably the longest I've ever written in my many many years of LJ ownership :)

But It's over. It's over! Strong Bad says it's over!