July 25th, 2005


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I was extremely bored tonight, and Lauren decided to go around to see Teh J, so I didn't really have anything left to do. Thusly, I went down to the shops and rented out the one sci-fi series I always said I'd never watch (plus some alcohol to make it easier to swallow :). First Impressions?

ST: Enterprise does have the worst fucking intro music ever. Particularly for Star Trek. If you thought butching the StarGate theme down to 10 seconds was bad, Enterprises new-age lyrical 'masterpiece' is like replacing it with a Hanson song.

Bah. Thank god for the next chapter DVD function. I don't think I -could- have watched it on TV :)
Ok, it probably wasn't that bad. It's watchable ONCE, and the imagery is nice if very non-traditional.

Storywise, I must admit I'm mildly impressed with the first episode, 'Broken Bow'. It has a certain late 70s-early 80s 'cheese' to the acting. It's hardly good acting, apart from a very well played Vulcan. The quality of the DVD was actually quite crap, being very grainy and fairly low-res. This kind of added to the 'retro' feel, which was quite good. Whether this quality is deliberate, or if I'm just justifying the worst DVD transfer job ever... well, that's another matter :)

It's worth watching one more episode before bed, I guess. Not much else to do anyways.

[Edit: Actually, I'm feeling really tempted to watch SG1 S9x02 (Avalon Pt2) again, but I must wait for Lauren. She likes Dr. Jackson :]
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