July 23rd, 2005


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Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid... What can I say. YAY!

Will some of those mysteries about the Whispered be answered? Will we meet a new foe? Only time will tell.
Well, unless you've read the novel like I have and already know. :)

The second episode of FMP:TSR shows Kanames cute little birdy clock, which I don't think has been seen since the very first episode of the original Full Metal Panic series (I don't recall it ever being in Fumoffu). YAY!

It's a nice touch.

In other news, this line of code sucks:

pp[_a]=*(PIXEL *)((char *)texture+(((t & 0x3FC00000) | (s & 0x003FC000)) >> (17 - PSZSH)));

That is all.