November 7th, 2004


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The movie I just watched ('Elite') has a couple of cool geek one-liners I'm just posting for memory :)

"Yeah, it's all in the 64-bit version of the game. I'll get you a copy." - This is one of the core but minor characters, a leading game designer about to be held hostage for the rest of the movie. He was talking about his new battleship game including details such as dolphins etc following shipping wake for navigation. This is a pretty good prediction for a movie from 2000, and is actually also a perfect example of a very recent trend that is going to snowball over the next year (New 64bit games featuring superficial 'detail enhancements' over the 32-bit version, just like this.)

"Big mistake. Never leave a geek with the knife." - Same guy after one of the terrorists knifes one of his hands to a console in the bridge, while said terrorist goes and 'deals' with a problem.