August 10th, 2003


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Update? Okay.

Bored Hungry Broke Sickish Depressed. So the usual (and people wonder why I don't update :P)

The A4000s PSU fan is grinding particually nastily, and AmigaOS freezes every time I ask Miami to bring the QN2000 ethernet card online. Which doesnt help to relieve the boredom bit.
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After attacking the Amigas PSU with several cleaning items, it now sounds fine. I learnt that the PSU was manifactured by Skynet, which presumably explains most of the issues involved. Whilst I was at it, I finally got around to removing the leaky nicad and resoldering some dry joints in various places.

Unfortunatly, the QN2000 ethernet card still freezes every time I try and connect it to the lan, which is starting to annoy the hell out of me.