July 28th, 2003


Just a whine

This months powerbill is more than twice last months, for some inexplicable reason (my current theory is that the washing machine we have started using is dodgy, but that doesn't help a powerbill I can't afford).

Lots of things are broken, personal things suck (and I'm still incredibly depressed about 'that'), and I can't find any of the four A520 modulators I know I have. So, after spending the last hour building a coax network for the cursed amiga, I can't get any video from the thing.

And I've had really bad allergies all week due to this whole room-swap thing. Ugh.

Grrr... Oh well, good things... if you see this then my WAP LJ gateway still works (amazingly :P), ScummVM 0.5.0 has only four release critical bugs (although it's had 4 RC's for the past week), and... that's about it. Oh, NFS no longer Oops's under 2.6.0-test2, heh.