March 21st, 2003


(no subject)


I was planning to go to NetPlus today and pick up a replacement HDD for Balthazar (a.k.a bluefin. Yeah, I've had to start recycling 5 year old server names, much as I've wanted to avoid it :)... but the thunder outside is incredible. I mean, I've never ever heard thunder this loud.

And to get to NetPlus I either have to take a taxi (expensive!) or trudge through some bushy area, which will no doubt be soaked by the time I leave. Ugh.

Man, I'm hungry. Hm, I need to eat at Jaws again sometime soon. Lame name, good kaitenzushi place.

.... I should walk down the road and buy some tekka-maki before the rain starts.

Oh, hey, Kunio-kuuuuunnn... remember that favor you owe me? Akihabara, tuesday, arigatoo! It's much easier if you just go grab one from the shop instead of me having to import it from somewhere else.