February 23rd, 2003


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My birthday is over, thank god. :)
Went out around 2am this... er, yesterday... morning to meet Mike and Mike in Freo for some stuff, got back home and to bed around 9am - woke up again at 3 or so to get ready for GUD. Which was brilliant, despite some annoying feh'ing from certain parties *g*.

Worfie pointed out a transcript of one of the earlier shows here, although of course the live performance was somewhat different and included a fair bit of improv - it kind of kept going after it 'technically' finished and pretty much all of that was based off the audience and stuff. Brilliant!

Among other things I'm looking for some more Anime to watch. I've decided to look at two things some people have suggested - DragonDrive and Rockman EXE.

Rockman is apparantly some odd hybrid of Megaman and Lain, so I'll reserve me verdict on that one. DragonDrive looks slightly original. I probably won't watch either of them, as they sound somewhat too kidish - but hey, you never know.

I finally got hold of the full 13 episodes of Yami no Matsuei, and finished watching that a few days ago. My other current things include .hack//DUSK and Digimon Frontier. Both are somewhat more 'dumbed down' than their earlier series. Digimon Tamers was -brilliant-, despite what most people would expect from a -mon... emotional, dark at times, alternativly serious and funny... Also some of it's design was drawn from Open Source licensing and linux, and it also uses distributed computing in several episodes for something. I didn't really like the earlier digimon, and am somewhat disapointed that they didn't follow the previous pattern (eg, series 4 being Tamers II, 5 being Frontier...). But hey.

.hack//DUSK is looking quite good, regardless of being somewhat more chibi and kawi than SIGN. I'm waiting for Liminality 4 to finish off that era. God I need a decent modchip for my PS2 so I can import Infestation. I also need a new harddrive, 80gb or so will do. Those certain people who havn't wished my happy birthday... you know what you have to do! :)

I have to stop writing LJ posts at 3am, so in closing I'll finish with something un-anime and un-geek related.

Screw it, I can't think of the former, I've just been watching Lain. So I'll go with classic geek instead.

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