January 8th, 2003


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So, Apple unveil a new webbrowser - arguably (From my playing with it this morning) the fastest webbrowser out there. Safari looks cool.

It is, of course, just tweaked and rebadged Konqueror - which is even cooler, as I've been running it as part of KDE for years. I always said that Konqueror/KHTML would end up being adopted in a more important role than Mozilla/Gecko, and I was right :)

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Todays the first day I feel up to eating a proper solid meal.. so I screw the 'proper' and order Pizaa instead :)

The conversation goes something like:

" Hello, (cute sounding guy answers) Dominos Pizza Nedlands, XXXX speaking. How may I take you?... er, may I take your order?"

"How may you take me? Well, now.. *laugh*... er, I'd like.. (orders). Say, that was a bit of a fredian slip wasn't it?"

(*guy laughs nerviously*) "Yeah, it was just a conversation we were having in the store... er, that'll come to.."
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