December 27th, 2002


I'm impressed

First a bit of background. Recently I've been watching a rather cool Anime called .hack//SIGN. Basically, it's the future, on Internet3 (Internet2 is really old news :). Several years ago, Internet2 was attacked by a series of viruses. Then, several years later, a polymorphic virus caused the whole system to freeze up for over an hour, causing chaos. The only operating system not to be affected by these viruses was ALTIMIT OS, which thus became the government and worlds most common operating system.

Sounding familiar, huh? :)
None of this is particually of import to .hack//SIGN, where the storyline is that a MMORPG called "The World" (think VR EverQuest on a scale of 100) exists. A player becomes unable to log out. He in fact falls into a coma in the real world, while becoming stuck in the MMORPG... and gaining powers beyond the physical capabilities and programming of the system. The moderators and system administrators are powerless to lock him out, and everybody is troubled by it.

It's a very cool story. There exists a series of four PS2 games (Only one has been released in the US so far, and only three in Japan.. the fourth is still coming). These games are a SIMULATED MMORPG. It actually works very well. The idea is that you investigate the occurances from the inside of the game, which ties in with .hack//SIGN. Now, along with each game comes an episode of .hack/LIMINALITY.

This second Anime series (composed of four parts, three released so far), mirrors the events in the game and the first series, from the point of view of the Real World. All this explaination was necessary to mention one thing I found very very cool... :)

Bandai really put a lot of effort into this. There is one particually scene in the first Liminality OVA, where one of the people involved in The World is scrolling through some code, looking for a backdoor. If you freezeframe, each subroutine and function is perfect C++, commented, and is actually code you would expect to find in a huge MMORPG. I'm wondering if it's actually part of the PS2 game code :)

Dunno why, but the geek side of me just thought it very cool they would put many pages of very CLEARLY freeze-frameable and readable code in that scene. You probably don't care, but I'm bored and down, so thereya go. :P
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