December 5th, 2002


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Hey Now.
When whales sing
The harmonies that Angels bring.

Hey Now.
Stop looking at me
sitting there in that willow tree.

Hey You.
Your never on time
the sole reasons these lyrics don't rhyme.

Hey There.
We're almost done
sunbaking in the yellow sun.

Hey Now.
The crashing waves
make sound so sweet, like energy rays.

Hey Why.
Someone tell me
Someone tell me why Angels cry.

Hey Yeah
These rhythms flow,
but yeah I've gotta go.
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(no subject)

This is very annoying.

I finally get audio capture working on my soundcard.. but the kernel I need to do it... FREEZES AFTER THREE SECONDS OF VIDEO CAPTURE.

All I want to do is encode this video for Xejon.
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