November 9th, 2002


And he said, let there be sand!

Check this out, I've almost finished reimplementing the terrain engine for my new Zoids game prototype!

This is the current prototype terrain renderer and it's SMOOTH. The code is pretty heavily ripped off from TuxRacer's QuadTree implementation, my attempts at writing Geomipmapping code were just too slow for real-time level generation.

Creating vismaps for LOD to do geo-mipmapping takes hours, this can dynamically render a field of view instantly at a very good framerate! Mmmm.

Now I need to merge the gamecode from my other source tree...
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Even more intresting, I've written a XMMS visualisation plugin to generate levels from MP3's :)

Savage Garden creates intresting results, Rammstein is pretty boring. Anime opening titles and C64 SID tunes seem to work best. Kylie creates some intresting ocean levels.

You don't wanna know what Greenday does...
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