July 22nd, 2002


Life, the universe, and...everything!

Started playing Vyxn' copy of Final Fantasy 9 last week, and I'm hooked. THIS is what a game should be. The indepth story, myrid of sidequests... battles which are actually -balanced-.. I love the Moogle storys, following them around and helping Stiltkin on his journal. This game RULES :) I've played FF1-6 a few times, but never finished any of them. I'm determined to finish this one tho.

I wonder if FF-X is as good as this. FF9 is the best designed and implemented game I have ever seen, the only thing I can think to improve it would be to make random battles more.. er.. random (having to go into 40 battles to cross a room might be good for leveling up, it's a bitch if you actually want to get ACROSS the room :)... oh, and have the cutscenes and maybe even the game voiceacted. Playing it from 8pm to 3am in the morning, eventually you start squinting at the screen trying to rest the conversations!

In other news, I am exceedingly happy with this Linux install on my laptop. I can do everything, and havn't booted into Windows in weeks. The only thing I wish was that koffice had decent Word importers.. but CrossOver Office runs Word almost perfectly (go buy a copy today! Well, warez MS Word, because I'll never endorce actually paying for it :).

Oh yeah, and I've started watching Digimon and DragonBall. Digimon Series 3 is quite cool (Pokemon sucks tho). DragonBall, the original series that is, rocks. DBZ (expecially the Frezzzzzza saga) just puts me to sleep. I'm annoyed that Cartoon Network restarted DragonBall after the Tournament Saga... I wanted to see the next saga. And you can't seem to buy DB original on DVD apart from episodes 1-13. That just sucks.

Last thing, really. I think I've discovered I have a fetish for anime/game characters with tails. Is it just me, or is Zidane really really cute? Besides being a pathetic womeniser? (and is Vivi gay? Zidane makes suggestions to it several times... with lines like "... you do like girls, right?"... and Vivi gives rather vauge answers ".. I... I.. I've never thought about it". Hmm. :)