April 12th, 2002


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Which Hacker's Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Great, I'm the one with the lamest handle :)

Anyone around here done a course in compiler design? I'm getting stuck with getting flex and bison to accept my lexical grammer files. Silly thing.

If this doesn't work it's back to strtok() with you all!

[Oh. Today I mopped the kitchen floor. See? I'm productive too! And... misunderstood! Yeah..]

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Today has been very stressful.

This morning the second Omega machine was hacked, and the first ddos'ed for four hours... and of course the database went to the wall after the first hour. So I've been pacing the house with my iPaq (finally got wavelan working in ad-hoc on it) trying to patch things together from the last tape backups - two months ago.

The new QuakeSrc server isn't ready yet, and the dummy database move tests are failing on some corrupt tables we don't even USE anymore. I'd really been counting on the server being ready before the weekend so I could do the transfer without rushing.

And THEN my laptop crashed it's second partition, so I've lost ICQ and a bunch of source code I was working on. Then theres some other personal things I really don't want to talk about; Today has definatly been the hell in a handbasket day.
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