March 20th, 2002


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And so it goes on.

ScummVM has just entered a CVS freeze - myself and Yazoo are rewriting the core engine to be more object oriented so we can interface with older games better. A 0.2.0 alpha should be released from CVS tag 'pre_freeze' in the next few days.

In other news, all of my various services are being moved to a server in Dallas,TX sometime soon. I still am a few bucks short, so if you have some cash lying around feel free to PayPal it to This means Bean, Forte, all bots, TIAW, and other miscellanous services will be unavailable for an undefined period of time. QuakeSrc will also probably move from TeleFragged to this new dedicated box (I'm getting a Duron-800 built for it). Thanks to me Ex- for hosting my shit since Bluefin and Dopefish had their plugs pulled. :)