Ender (ender) wrote,

Welcome to my world..

My new website is now up. Thanks to laxdragon for letting me 'borrow' his design. Everybody who runs Linux go buy a copy of Crossover now, so he can continue to be paid and eat. *grin*.

In other news, saw Rocky last night with vyxn, jarrad, xejon, chaotica, murg, etc etc. Lots of fun. Good audience participation. Someone threw rice in my chips.. *glare*.

Project news!
ScummVM is going well. Sam and Max is now completable, joining the ranks of DOTT, Indy4 and Monkey2. Work on CMI has started, and Full Throttle and The Dig are now almost-playable. Zak256 and Indy3 are still suffering from some jitters in the walk matrix.

Also TrustIsAWeakness is getting closer to becoming live.... trust me!

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